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vedaprime no longer tracks tesla into australia and new zealand

When I started the Tesla tracking service in 2019 it was a service created to help fill the communications gap for people wanting to know where their cars were after ordering.  My aim was to continue the service until no longer required.

In 2024 there is no longer a large scale need to provide the service as Tesla have improved their communications - not perfect, but much better.  It is time to close the service.

To the many thousands who have used the service over the years, I thank you for sharing your journey with me.  It was often times of drama - a real rollercoaster of emotions as you waited patiently for your Tesla to arrive.

The service ended March 31, 2024

I have bought a Games Store on Bribie Island.  I will be offering 3D printed accessories in the coming months

Who's On First is located at Shop 2, 1 Toorbul Street, Bribie Island -

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Welcome to Vedaprime

Vedaprime used to provide Tesla tracking services for 4.5 years.

Vedaprime Pty Ltd has now purchased a games store on Bribie Island.