Tesla tracking service

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how to track your Tesla

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locating your vin

1.  Install the Chrome extension Tesla Vin Finder. A vin is hidden in the source code of the manage page of your Tesla account once your Tesla is built

2. Alternate ways to locate your vin:

a. Wait until you receive your invoice

b . Contact your Tesla adviser after the car has been built. Adviser willingness to provide varies depending on who you get.

c. Tesla chat help  can sometimes help

paid service

There are 3 levels of the Vedaprime paid service

1.  $22 per month - Pre-delivery experience and Tracking Service

2.  $10 per month - Owners Lounge (This is not a tracking tier)

3.  $5 per month - Vinless - Waiting for a vin- (This is not a tracking tier) 

service content

  • Your Tesla candidate ship

  • Daily Ship positions and tracking discussion

  • Delivery Movements and delivery discussion by location

  • Vedaprime Delivery estimates

  • Various Discord channels relating to:

  • Before your Tesla arrives

  • After your Tesla arrives

  • Sleuthing Tesla rumours and facts

  • Tesla Statistics

  • Relax in the Owners Lounge

  • Discuss Software updates

  • Owner questions

  • Chat about aspects of the car 

  • Chat about 3rd party products and software

  • Chat about battery degradation

  • Chat about road trip, efficiency, solar, power walls, Elon and more

  • Vinless Discussion Discord channel

  • Analyse factory and port videos each week

  • Discuss what is being built at the factory

  • Discuss any factory information news

  • Discuss the orders being assigned vin

  • Other Discord channel access:

  • Tesla Accessories

  • Insurance Discussion

  • Financing Discussion

  • Tint and Wrap Discussion

what is discord?

This is the place where the Vedaprime community gathers to communicate.

This is a private forum split into different topics.  The topics accessible depends which tier you join on Patreon.

if you prefer not to join

I announce all ships arriving in Australia and New Zealand on Twitter

about me

Vedaprime has been tracking Tesla through 8 years of data


Welcome to Vedaprime

Vedaprime provides advisory services to help locate  Tesla and ease the waiting

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