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How to track your Tesla

This post describes how the process works for all Tesla models.

1. Make your Tesla order.  
Make sure you have used a referral code like this one to initiate the process.

This will give you 1500 free supercharger km.  Then pay the deposit.  Your Tesla is now ordered.


2. [This step no longer works] - Tesla source code has changed. Do not Install the Chrome extension Tesla Vin finder.

A vin number is no longer hidden in the source code.


3. Locate your vin  
This can be done by 1. Receiving you invoice or 2. Talking/Emailing with your adviser after the car has been built - 2-3 weeks. Adviser willingness to provide varies depending on who you get. 3. Tesla chat window can sometimes help

This section below  applies to only Australia, New Zealand, Models S/X to Europe).

Other International resources go here International


4. Track your car by checking with Vedaprime’s Twitter free service.  



5.   Track your car via detailed paid $10 USD personalised service.

I can tell you exactly what ship it is on, estimated delivery date and where it is tracking for much of the journey from Fremont.

Vedaprime personalised tracking covers:

1. Estimated build date

2. Container buddies

3. Port Entry date and time

4. Ship

5. Ship Load date and time

6. Departure date/time

7. Ship Route

8. Ship Arrival date/Time

9. Ship Unload/Discharge date/time

10. Customs/Port Exit date/time

11. Container Unload date/time

12. Preparations process and Estimated delivery date

*information can vary ship to ship





6.  Check your ship status here.


7.  After the car arrives in the country, receive a call from Tesla delivery specialist or email or both.

Return registration papers, or deliver custom plates to Tesla.

8.  Receive your invoice and pay.

9.  Receive your delivery call.

10. Receive SMS to confirm your delivery.

11. Collect/Receive your car.

This list is not necessarily in order. Some people never receive a hidden vin, some people never get a specialist call, some receive a delivery call, invoice, papers all in one go.



Once your car arrives in the country, it takes on on average 2.5 weeks-3.5 weeks (east coast), Adelaide 3.5 weeks, for the cars to be delivered - provided the car has no significant issues. Some people have received cars 9 days after arrival, some 6 weeks or more after arrival.  Perth cars are shipped weekly after processing in Sydney.  Add 12 days.  If you are in Canberra, it is strongly advised to pick up Sydney as this is much faster.  The same goes for any regional location - pick it up at a major city if you can to receive your car the fastest.  Tasmanian cars arrive in Devonport - no word on timings


New Zealand

Cars are received into Auckland.  Cars can take roughly a week from ship arrival and be spread out over the next couple of weeks.

There are delays getting the cars to the South Island.  It is recommend you pick up from Auckland if you can.



The next cars will be built the beginning of the quarter.

The goal will be to deliver all cars before the end of the quarter.